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Latest SRA Postal Auction News, 9th June 2022

Sale Results Published for June 2022 Postal Auction (sale closed 7th June)

The Auction Catalogue has been updated with the Sale Results. A downloadable PDF is also available: Sale Results PDF.

Please note that we are not offering the unsold Lots at the moment. We are proposing to enter these into a secondary auction at a later date.

An outline index for the sale catalogue is shown below:

Auction CategoryLots Auction CategoryLots
Books (Single)1-71 Acts of Parliament1017-1032
Reports and Records72-142 Manufacturers' Catalogues (loco etc.)1033-1056
Royal Train Notices143-185 Maps (RCH)1057-1110
Locomotive Working and Records186-211 Maps1111-1128
Accident Reports212-245 Plans1129-1175
Rule Books246-258 Plans and Sections1176-1185
Instructions259-343 Signal Box Diagrams1186-1219
Share Certificates344-372 Signalling Paperwork1220-1291
Timetables (Bradshaw)373-383 Paperwork1292-1358
Timetables (Public)384-443 Miscellaneous, Coats of Arms1359-1366
Timetables (Working)444-473 Tickets1367-1382
Carriage Working and Records474-488 Luggage Labels1383-1474
Handbills489-536 Parcel and Letter Stamps1475-1492
Publicity Material537-919 Postcards1493-1539
Menus920-962 Photographs1540-1568
Bus and Tram963-970 Carriage Prints1569-1596
London Transport Maps and Brochures971-989 Posters1597-1710
Ian Allan ABCs990-1016 French & French Colonial Paperwork & Publications1711-1750

Please address all enquiries about buying or selling in Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auctions
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Great Central Railwayana Limited
14 School Street, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3RL

Office hours: 10.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
Telephone: 01327 262193

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