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Sale 230P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

SRA Postal Auction: Posters Pictorial

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Lot 906 BR(M) q/r coloured pictorial poster "London Midland Electrification" with artwork by Greene showing electric loco and EMU. Dated 1961. Folded, edge wear and tape marks. £10.00

Lot 907 GWR q/r system map. Roundel in bottom l/h corner. Edge tears and tape repairs on rear. £50

Lot 908 CUNEO q/r coloured pictorial poster showing view of 5021 crossing bridge. Folded, fold tears, faults and tape repairs to edges. £10.00

Lot 909 LONDON UNDERGROUND q/r underground poster map showing Hutchison type diagram of lines. Print code 160/89Z/2500. Folded, worn and dusty. £10.00

Lot 910 LONDON UNDERGROUND 20" x 12" coloured pictorial poster "For the Cathedrals" showing view of choirboys by STC Weeks. Dated 1913. Laid on cloth, minor corner wear. £30.00

Lot 911 LONDON UNDERGROUND 20" x 8" coloured pictorial poster "National Gallery" showing view of Rembrandt painting "The Philosopher". Dated 1919. Laid on cloth, minor corner wear. £30.00

Lot 912 LMS d/r coloured pictorial poster "Edinburgh" showing view of bagpipe playing Scotsman and Edinburgh Castle by P.Irwin Brown. Folded, tears and many tape repairs, area of loss top centre. Dated 1930. £10.00

Lot 913 BR(ScR) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Highland Games - see Scotland by Train" showing illustration of piper and highland dancer by Lance Cattermole. Circa early 1960s, minor edge faults. £120

Lot 914 BR(M) d/r coloured pictorial poster "The Lune Valley" showing view of fisherman and river. Circa late 1950s. Small edge tears and creasing. £10.00

Lot 915 BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster "The Dorset Coast and Dorchester" showing views of yacht in port and Dorchester High Street by Lander. Dated 1980. Minor wear and creasing. £10.00

Lot 916 BR(E) d/r coloured pictorial poster showing view of Trafalgar Square by Hick. Bottom two thirds of poster left blank for filling in the day's announcements. Edge creasing. £10.00

Lot 917 BR(W) d/r pictorial poster with artwork by Riley showing view of Trafalgar Square at top leaving bottom half blank for messages to be written in. £10.00

Lot 918 CUT DOWN d/r poster showing Claude Buckle coloured view of busy London street scene. Bottom section containing text has been removed. £10.00

Lot 919 RAILWAY EXECUTIVE d/r coloured pictorial poster "What's in it for you?" advertising BR goods services and showing Wolstenholme illustrations of wagon types. Circa early 1950s. Small edge tears, folded. £10.00

Lot 920 BR(ScR) d/r coloured poster "The Caledonian - new fast train London - Glasgow" showing Studio Seven artwork. Undated, circa late 1950s. £10.00

Lot 921 BR(NE) d/r coloured photographic poster "Whitby" showing view of harbour and locals. Probably dated 1962. Folded. £10.00

Lot 922 BR(W) d/r coloured photographic poster "The Cambrian Coast - see Britain in Comfort by British Railways" showing coloured photographic view of the Mawddach Estuary. Circa early 1960s. Plus another similar. (2) £10.00

Lot 923 BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster issued as No.3 in the "Facts and Figures" series detailing the work of the ships and ferries. Shows Studio Seven view of sailor on bridge. Dated 1957. £10.00

Lot 924 BIG 4 published d/r coloured pictorial poster "Address it Clearly" re the re-use of old wrapping paper and not removing old addresses. Undated, folded. £10.00

Lot 925 BR(M) d/r photographic poster "The Permanent Way" issued as No.4 in the "Facts and Figures" series showing track and mechanised track laying with artwork by Studio Seven. Circa 1957. £10.00

Lot 926 BR(W) d/r coloured pictorial timetable poster "Rheidol Valley" showing illustration of train in countryside with timetable of services for June - September, circa early 1960s. £10.00

Lot 927 BR(W) d/r coloured photographic timetable poster "Rheidol Valley" showing illustration of loco No.7 in countryside with timetable of services for June - September 1962. Plus another similar. (2) £10.00

Lot 928 BR(S) d/r coloured poster map of Britain by Bromfield showing major sights. Produced for the French market with text at bottom in French. Circa 1962. Some edge creasing. £10.00

Lot 929 BR(M) d/r coloured pictorial poster "1963 Holiday Cruises by TSS Duke of Lancaster" showing Studio Seven view of ship at sea. £10.00

Lot 930 BR(S) d/r coloured poster map of Britain by Studio Seven showing major sights and local characters. Circa 1950s. Some edge creasing. £10.00

Lot 931 BRB d/r coloured poster "Save up to 5/- in the £. Go Mid Week by Train" showing illustration of woman by Unger. Circa 1962. £10.00

Lot 932 BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Travel Bargains from Victoria and London Bridge" showing EPH Cowan view of flag waving guard and fares to Brighton, Littlehampton and Margate. Circa early 1960s. £10.00

Lot 933 BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Kent Coast Heritage and Inland Charm" showing views of Leeds Castle and oast house by Lander. Dated 1980. Folded. £10.00

Lot 934 BR(M) d/r photographic poster "Speedfreight - 10 ton containers overnight door to door London - Manchester" showing photo of freight wagons. Dated 1963. Edge tears and creasing. £10.00

Lot 935 BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Evening Business Trains from Holborn, Blackfriars and Elephant & Castle" encouraging the use of trains before 5.15pm and after 6.00pm showing diagrammatic representation of the number of seated and standing passengers at various times. Circa 1960s. Edge tears and creasing. £10.00

Lot 936 HMSO d/r coloured pictorial poster "Stagger your Holidays - it's finer remember in June and September" showing beach scenes. Possibly dated 1951. Folded. £10.00

Lot 937 BR(M) d/r poster "News Flash - Inter City from Milton Keynes Station" advising of the opening of the new station. Small illustration of class 87 electric loco and train. Undated, folded. £10.00

Lot 938 BR SEALINK d/r coloured pictorial poster "Jersey & Guernsey - as close as your local station" showing ship, tree and flowers. Dated 1985. Folded, some wear and marking especially at folds. £10.00

Lot 939 BRB published d/r photographic poster "Inter City 125. It's the changing shape of rail" showing view of HST and listing journey times to Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea. Dated 1976. Some wear and foxing. Corner loss where pinned. £10.00

Lot 940 INTER CITY d/r coloured pictorial poster showing a Brendan Neiland view of the river at Bath. Undated. £10.00

Lot 941 NETWORK SOUTHEAST d/r coloured photographic poster "Rail Rovers. Experience the Freedom of the Flexible Ticket" showing view of Weymouth. Dated 1994. £10.00

Lot 942 RAILWAY EXECUTIVE (NE) 30" x 20" poster "Free as a Bird with Holiday Runabout Tickets". Orange and blue print showing map of area No.14 featuring lines from Middleton in Teesdale to the coast. Dated 1952. Folded. £10.00

Lot 943 BR 15" x 10" staff information poster encouraging punctuality of trains. Coloured pictorial type showing Victorian type man. Dated 1961. Folded. £10.00

Lot 944 BR 20" x 30" coloured pictorial poster "See Britain By Train - The Eastgate, Chester" showing view of the street. VGC. £10.00

Lot 945 BR(S) 30" x 20" photographic poster "Take your Car to the Continent by Mini - Liner" showing views on the ship. Circa 1965. £10.00

Lot 946 BR(M) 18" x 12" coloured pictorial staff safety poster "Don't Set a Trap - be sure of the clearance" showing wagons and staff. Circa 1957. Folded. £10.00

Lot 947 Two BR(E) 30" x 20" coloured pictorial posters in the "Songs for Tynesiders" series No.1 and 2. Shows music and words for the local songs "Wor Nanny's a Mazer" and "Bobby Shafto". Dated 1971 and 72. (2) £10.00

Lot 948 FESTINIOG RAILWAY d/r timetable poster "Wonderland of Wales". Red and blue print showing map of line and lady stationmaster. Dated May 1939. Very poor condition, stained, large fold tears. £10.00

Total number of Lots in Posters Pictorial: 43.

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