Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 230P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

SRA Postal Auction: Tickets

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Lot 583 EASINGWOLD RAILWAY contract ticket. Leather covers with title in gold on front. Issued for use between Easingwold and Alne in 1914. Good used condition. £10.00

Lot 584 GER first class all stations and boats free pass. Grey leather covers with title and coat of arms in gold on front. Issued to Herr Werner, Royal Railway Direction, Munster I/W and dated 1909. £10.00

Lot 585 SL&NCR first class free pass. Oval shaped, leather covers with title in gold on front. Dated 1909. Plus three further similar passes in different styles dated 1912, 1921 and 1954. (4) £10.00

Lot 586 LNER 3½" x 2½" card ticket for the "Special Journey of the Period Flying Scotsman from King's Cross 30th June 1938. Corner creasing and rust mark. £10.00

Lot 587 LBSCR large sized 4pp notice "Alterations in Patterns of Season Tickets". Includes five pasted on specimen tickets of the new issues. Dated December 1871. £10.00

Lot 588 APPROX seven LMS and LMS & LNE Joint paper type "Trader's Season Tickets" mostly for use in the West Yorkshire area. Some issued and attached to paper. Very variable condition. £10.00

Lot 589 APPROX 18 whole and half Edmondson tickets from the K&ESR. Plus a small quantity of WC&PR half Edmondson tickets. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 590 Book of BR "Train Staff Tickets" for use from Hayling Island to Havant. Approx 125 unused and complete with counterfoil, approx 125 issued and counterfoil side only present. £10.00

Lot 591 QUANTITY of mostly whole Edmondson tickets. Many BR and SR noted plus a few BR platforms (Qty) £10.00

Lot 592 QUANTITY of mostly half (with a few whole) Edmondson tickets plus a few season ticket types. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 593 QUANTITY of mostly whole and half Edmondsons. BR, LT and pre nat issues. Many from or to the Yorkshire area. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 594 QUANTITY of mostly BR and GWR half Edmondson tickets. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 595 QUANTITY of rail and bus tickets. Mostly paper and punch type. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 596 QUANTITY of mostly BR whole Edmondson tickets. Various types including NCR 21. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 597 QUANTITY of mostly BR whole and half Edmondson tickets. Many NCR21 types noted. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 598 Collection of Edmondson type tickets + card & paper including LNER/BR Lincs, East Anglia, Lincolnshire Rail Tours, Easingwold & LCLR. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 599 LARGE QUANTITY of mostly whole Edmondson tickets. Many BR and preservation society issues noted plus a few BR platforms (Qty) £10.00

Lot 600 Three ALBUMS of tickets, postcards, photos and ephemera relating to European railways in the 1960s. £10.00

Lot 601 AUSTRALIA. Quantity of modern APTIS style tickets issued in Australia. Various types, many coloured and illustrated. (Qty) £10.00

Total number of Lots in Tickets: 19.

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