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Sale 230P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

SRA Postal Auction: WTT BR

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Lot 360 BR(W & S) Somerset & Dorset Line WTT of freight trains. 12pp dated June 1958. Very grubby and poor condition. Plus a few non related BR Edmondson type tickets including platforms. £10.00

Lot 361 BR(W) booklet "Marshalling Instructions for through and important local freight trains - section B, trains starting from Plymouth, Exeter, etc". 73pp dated July 1956. Covers loose. £10.00

Lot 362 BR(W) No.13 section of the service timetable Aynho Junction, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and North Warwickshire Line. 277pp dated September 1954. Slight foxing to covers. £10.00

Lot 363 BR(W) No.15 section of the service timetable Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton. 183pp dated June 1954. Rear page detached. £10.00

Lot 364 BR(W) Appendix to No.4 section of the service timetable covering Bristol to and from Didcot, Standish Junction, Lydney, Severn Tunnel Junction and Highbridge. 177pp dated December 1948. £10.00

Lot 365 BR(W) booklet "Passenger Train Working Paddington Station and Old Oak Common". 72pp covering Mondays - Fridays from May 1986. Plus similar for Saturdays only and for Sundays only. (3) £10.00

Lot 366 BR(W) section A WTT of passenger trains London District. 250pp dated June 1960. Plus BR(NE) WTTs for passenger trains section A June 1960, section E June 1955, section H June 1955. (4) £10.00

Lot 367 BR(W) Bristol District notice No.1000 "Working of Coaches, Diesel Cars and Trailers". 78pp dated June 1957. £10.00

Lot 368 BR(W) notice No.B62 "West of England Division - Notice of Passenger Train Arrangements". 41pp dated 9th August 1968. £10.00

Lot 369 BR(W) "Special Traffic Notice" No.149 covering 13th - 19th April 1956. 40pp. £10.00

Lot 370 BR(W) "Special Traffic Notice" No.205 covering 10th - 16th May 1957. 71pp. £10.00

Lot 371 BR(W) notice No.7 "Numbering of Passenger Trains during Summer Train Service 1958". 16pp, heavily foxed. £10.00

Lot 372 Six BR(W) Sectional appendices booklets covering Exeter, Plymouth, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and Swansea Districts. All dated 1960 except last example which is dated 1958. (6) £10.00

Lot 373 BR(NE) sections A-L WTT of passenger trains. 400+pp dated June 1963. £10.00

Lot 374 BR(NE) foolscap sized booklet "List of Signal Boxes, Additional Running Lines, Loops and Refuge Sidings - Shaftholme Junction to Berwick (Marshall Meadows)". 3pp dated September 1953. £10.00

Lot 375 BR(NE) Wakefield District foolscap sized "Freight Locomotive and Enginemen's Working". 50+ typescript pages section 2 dated June 1959. Annotated and amended. £10.00

Lot 376 BR(NE) Wakefield District foolscap sized "Freight Locomotive and Enginemen's Working". 44pp part 2 dated June 1959. Annotated and amended, outer covers replaced. £10.00

Lot 377 BR(NE) Newcastle District foolscap sized "Freight Locomotive and Trainmen's Working". 90pp sections 1 - 3 dated June 1959. Annotated and amended. £10.00

Lot 378 BR(NE) Newcastle District foolscap sized "Freight Locomotive and Trainmen's Working". 80pp section 1 dated September 1962. Heavily annotated and amended. £10.00

Lot 379 BR(NE) York District foolscap sized "Freight Locomotive and Trainmen's Working". 124pp sections 1 - 3 dated June 1959. Annotated and amended. £10.00

Lot 380 APPROX 50 typescript sheets showing BR(E) "Diesel Engine Diagrams" for Immingham depot covering types 1, 2, 4 and shunters. Dated October 1968. £10.00

Lot 381 APPROX 6 typescript sheets plus 4 amendment sheets showing BR(E) locomotive programme for Holbeck depot class 31 locos. Dated May 1978. £10.00

Lot 382 BR(E) Western Division booklet "Hours of Opening of Signal Boxes". Foolscap sized, 85pp dated June 1953. £10.00

Lot 383 BR(E) "Trip Notice Sheffield Division Barrow Hill and Seymour Junction". 30+ typescript pages, dated June 1980. Covers worn. £10.00

Lot 384 BR(E) WTT "Light Engine Working in the Suburban District". 28pp dated June 1950. £10.00

Lot 385 BR(ScR) sections A-F WTT of passenger trains. 300+pp dated September 1954. £10.00

Lot 386 BR(ScR) "Trip Notice No.2 Ayr (Falkland Jn), Grangemouth and Mossend Areas". 35pp dated June 1981. £10.00

Lot 387 BR(ScR) G&SW Division foolscap sized, 5 typescript page document showing passenger engine workings - St.Rollox depot. Dated June 1963. £10.00

Lot 388 BR(S) Southern District "Carriage Working Notice Steam Trains". 98pp dated June 1958. £10.00

Lot 389 BR(S) "Waterloo Platform & Carriage Working Notice (Steam Trains)". 28pp dated September 1958. £10.00

Lot 390 BR(S) "Supplementary Notice to the Carriage Working Notice - Diesel Electric Trains - August Holiday Arrangements". 24pp dated 5th & 6th August 1963. £10.00

Lot 391 BR(S) South Western Division "Carriage Working Notice Electric Trains (including TC stock)". Blue covers, 170pp dated May 1973. £10.00

Lot 392 BR(S) South Western Division "Carriage Working Notice Loco Hauled Trains (excluding TC stock)". 134pp dated May 1971. £10.00

Lot 393 BR(M) Central Lines sections A - F WTT of passenger trains. 300+pp, dated September 1961. £10.00

Lot 394 BR(M) Central Division sections E - J WTT of freight trains. 150+pp dated September 1953. £10.00

Lot 395 APPROX 30 typescript sheets (one missing) plus 6 amendment sheets showing BR(M) mandatory main line locomotive programme for class 86/0 electric locomotives. Dated May 1977. £10.00

Lot 396 Four BR(M) "Trip Notices" from the Nottingham Division covering Toton, Leicester, Nottingham and Derby areas. Each 5 - 8pp dated May 1982. (4) £10.00

Lot 397 BR(M) "Trip Notice Liverpool Divisional Manager's Area". 11pp dated June 1981. £10.00

Lot 398 BR(M) Midland Division "Fruit and Vegetable Notice - season 1948". 20pp, covers detached at split spine. £10.00

Total number of Lots in WTT BR: 39.

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