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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

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Lot 461 Official Publications LMS: LMS booklet "Cheap Fares 1930 - Halifax". Red and black illustrated covers showing train and passengers. 48pp, slightly rusty staples. £10.00

Lot 462 Official Publications LMS: LMS. Two centre folding, glossy type, colour leaflets. Central Wales, The Peak District. Plus LMS & LNER joint fold out brochure "Through the Trossachs" (cover illustration by M) and BR glossy leaflet "The Conway Valley" (1957). (4) £10.00

Lot 463 Official Publications LMS: LMS 48pp handbill type booklet "August Bank Holiday LMS Excursions". Orange, grey and blue covers, dated 1925. £10.00

Lot 464 Official Publications LMS: LMS official publication "Old London Coaching Inns". Hardback with dust jacket, 43pp, plus plates, published 1930s. £10.00

Lot 465 Official Publications LNER: LNER published guide "Golf Courses Served by Stations on the LNER". Illustrated paperback covers showing golfer. 21pp listing courses and nearest station. Covers dusty, rusty staples and rust staining throughout. Undated. £10.00

Lot 466 Official Publications LNER: LNER centre folding publicity brochure "The Home of Golf". Colour pictorial covers showing woman golfer. 14pp detailing various courses around the country. Produced for the American market circa 1930. Covers a little dusty but OK. £10.00

Lot 467 Official Publications LNER: LNER 10pp handbill type leaflet "Programme of The Northern Belle Train Cruises - June 1934". Printed on pink coloured paper. Shows timetables for the various sections of the cruise. Horizontal fold. £10.00

Lot 468 Official Publications LNER: LNER publication "The Northern Belle - Passenger List and Programme of the Train Cruises 1938". Orange card covers with LNER crest, 16pp. Covers dusty. £10.00

Lot 469 Official Publications LNER: LNER publication "Holiday Suggestions". Landscape format, 100+pp photo guide to places served by the railway. Undated. Covers dusty and a little marked. £10.00

Lot 470 Official Publications LNER: LNER published guide book "Walks Round London". Grey card covers with attached illustration of house next to bridge. 46pp detailing rambles in Middlesex, Bucks, Herts and Essex. Undated. £10.00

Lot 471 Official Publications LNER: LNER centre folding brochure "Looking at Scotland". 16pp guide with fold out map. Coloured pictorial covers showing woman on horseback. Produced for the American market circa 1930s. £10.00

Lot 472 Official Publications LNER: LNER publication "Apartments and Hotels Guide 1925 - North Eastern Counties". Illustrated covers showing map of area, 286pp plus fold out map. £10.00

Lot 473 Official Publications LNER: LNER booklet "West Riding Limited - The First Streamline Train". Coloured pictorial card covers showing A4 at speed. 12pp detailing times, map, seating plan and information. Dated September 1937. Small marks on cover. £10.00

Lot 474 Official Publications LNER: LNER published booklet "Holland, Belgium Via Harwich" by Lewis Hind & Fred Taylor. Card covers, landscape format, 30pp of narrative and illustrations. Undated. Slight wear to edges of cover. £10.00

Lot 475 Official Publications LNER: LNER publication "This Year?". Coloured pictorial covers showing couple on beach. 30pp coloured guide to places and activities served by the company. Circa 1925. Foxing to covers. £10.00

Lot 476 Official Publications LNER: LNER smaller sized booklet "Zetland Hotel Saltburn by the Sea - souvenir and tariff". Card covers show company coat of arms, 19pp guide to the hotel and local sights. Circa 1920s. £10.00

Lot 477 Official Publications LNER: LNER 8pp leaflet "Excursions de Luxe by the Eastern Belle Pullman Ltd". Green coloured print on cream paper showing B12 loco No.8580. Dated 1934. Details excursions from Liverpool St to East Coast resorts. £10.00

Lot 478 Official Publications LNER: PULLMAN CAR COMPANY LIMITED brochure "West Riding Pullman & Harrogate Sunday Pullman". 8pp fold-out style opening to show map of route and features of the journey with details of timetable and distances, dated May 1928. One page heavily annotated and amended. £10.00

Lot 479 Official Publications LNER: LNER fold out leaflet "Camping Coaches - For Carefree Holidays". Photo covers showing couple by side of coach. Opens to show layout of coach and list of locations. Sepia type print, dated 1937. Some creasing. £10.00

Lot 480 Official Publications LNER: LNER publication "The Silver Jubilee". 7pp plus fold out gradient chart, grey covers with illustration of "Silver Link" locomotive. Produced for the trial run of the train, 27th September 1935. Shows details of train. £10.00

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