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Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

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Lot 501 Bus Timetables: DEVON GENERAL bus timetable booklet dated October 1958. Coloured pictorial covers show map of area and company double decker. 210pp plus fold out map. Plus similar dated July 1961. (2) £10.00

Lot 502 Bus Timetables: MIDLAND RED Leicester area timetable booklet. Red and black covers, 240pp plus fold out map, dated October 1953. Plus similar for Birmingham area, 336pp plus fold out map, dated May 1954. (2) £10.00

Lot 503 Bus Timetables: POTTERIES MOTOR TRACTION timetable booklet. Cream and red covers with small illustration of company single decker. 380pp plus fold out map, dated May 1955. Slight foxing to covers. £5.00

Lot 504 Bus Timetables: LONDON COASTAL COACHES timetable booklet. Blue print on green paperback covers showing small map of country, 112pp dated season 1930. Covers detached. £5.00

Lot 505 Bus Timetables: PLYMOUTH JOINT SERVICES timetable booklet. Green and red covers, 44pp dated November 1959. Plus similar dated May 1961, May 1962. (3) £5.00

Lot 506 Bus Timetables: THAMES VALLEY TRACTION COMPANY timetable booklet. Red and black paperback covers, 188pp plus fold out map, dated September 1959. Creasing to edges of covers. £5.00

Lot 507 Bus Timetables: CUMBERLAND MOTOR SERVICES timetable booklet. Orange and black covers, 136pp plus fold out map, dated June 1961. £5.00

Lot 508 Bus Timetables: RED & WHITE SERVICES timetable booklet. Red, yellow and black covers, 142pp, no map, dated June 1952. Plus Bristol Omnibus and Western National joint timetable booklet for the Bath and Chippenham area. 236pp plus map, dated September 1968. (2) £5.00

Lot 509 Bus Timetables: ALEXANDER & SONS (Aberdeen area) bus timetable booklet. Yellow covers with illustration of single decker on front, 195pp plus fold out map, dated June 1965. Plus similar Fife area example with red covers, 213pp plus fold out map dated September 1965. (2) £10.00

Lot 510 Bus Timetables: HIGHLAND OMNIBUSES LTD timetable booklet. Red covers, 72pp dated June 1956 Plus similar dated September 1956, September 1957, June 1960. Minor wear to all. (4) £5.00

Lot 511 Bus/Tram Official Publications: SOUTH LANCASHIRE TRANSPORT COMPANY souvenir booklet issued to commemorate the replacement of trolleybuses by buses in September 1958. Red card covers, 16pp. £10.00

Lot 512 Bus/Tram Official Publications: GUY MOTORS LIMITED published booklet "Forty Years of Achievement". 66pp fully illustrated history of the company 1914 - 1954. Card covers with attached metal plaque in shape of company logo showing American Indian in headdress. Vertical fold affecting metal plaque. £10.00

Lot 513 LT Maps: DISTRICT RAILWAY "Country Map of the Environs of London". Coloured paper map folding into pocket sized illustrated card covers showing views of locations served by the railway. Dated 1887. Good condition. £10.00

Lot 514 LT Maps: CENTRAL LONDON RAILWAY "Stingemore" type two fold thin card pocket map. Brown, gold and black covers, circa 1910s. Slight foxing. £10.00

Lot 515 LT Maps: LONDON UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC RAILWAYS pocket map. Fold out type opening to show coloured map with travel information on rear. Dated winter 1924/25. £10.00

Lot 516 LT Maps: LONDON UNDERGROUND pocket map sized 16pp fold out leaflet "Country Excursions by Motor Bus". Each page shows a coloured pictorial view of a country location in similar style to early London Underground posters. Service details shown below. Dated April 1915. VGC. £10.00

Lot 517 LT Maps: LCC TRAMWAYS pocket map and guide dated January 1914. Front shows illustration of entrance to tramway subway at Waterloo Bridge. Printed on green paper. £10.00

Lot 518 LT Maps: LCC TRAMS pocket map and guide dated May 1930. Front shows coloured illustration of the Gatehouse at Lincoln's Inn. Slight cover wear. £5.00

Lot 519 LT Maps: LONDON GENERAL OMNIBUS COMPANY pocket map and guide dated July 1912. Illustrated covers showing open top bus. Fold tears, fragile. £10.00

Lot 520 LT Maps: LONDON GENERAL OMNIBUS COMPANY pocket map and guide dated June 1914. Small fold tears, fragile. £10.00

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