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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

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Lot 61 General Books 2: L&YR foolscap sized ledger type book "Parcel Distance Book and Instructions Relating to Coaching Traffic". 200+pp dated March 1911. Covers very worn/poor, contents worn, many amendments added. Ex Newsholme £10.00

Lot 62 General Books 2: GER foolscap sized instructions relating to the availability of ordinary, tourist, fortnightly, etc tickets. 16pp dated December 1899. Slight wear to covers. £10.00

Lot 63 General Books 2: Seven copies of the GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY MAGAZINE issued between January 1911 and November 1918. Mostly good condition. (7) £20.00

Lot 64 General Books 2: GWR foolscap sized ledger type book "Running Powers". 291pp showing running power agreements over other company's lines and their running powers over GWR lines. Most pages have small, RCH type diagrams of the lines in question. Dated 1927. Covers, especially spine, rubbed. £50.00

Lot 65 General Books 2: GWR ledger type hardback book listing inspections of locomotive boilers. 500+ pages showing depot location and loco numbers. Used between 1947 and 1950. Good used condition. £10.00

Lot 66 General Books 2: GWR internal report "Notes on the Railways of the United States of America May 1928". Foolscap sized, 60+ typescript pages. Foxing to covers. £10.00

Lot 67 General Books 2: GWR Chief Mechanical Engineer's Department, Swindon, internal report "The Running of 4-wheeled Vehicles in Fast Trains - General Report". Card covers, 20 typescript pages, plus many photos and diagrams. Dated July 1944. £10.00

Lot 68 General Books 2: Bound volume of the GWR MAGAZINE. Volume 12 dated January - December 1910. 300+pp in later hardback covers with title in gold on spine. £10.00

Lot 69 General Books 2: GWR internally published booklet "The Great Western Railway" by P.R. Gale. 142pp, card covers plus fold out map, published 1926. Details the companies incorporated into the GWR at the Grouping. £10.00

Lot 70 General Books 2: GWR file of private sidings record sheets, some with diagrams. Various locations. £10.00

Lot 71 General Books 2: GWR. Approx 44 disbound reports from the Report on Branch Lines. One large sheet for each branch, each showing small line diagram, expenditure and receipts for 1925, proposed alterations and savings. Incomplete set with 24pp report on branch lines published March 1926. £10.00

Lot 72 General Books 2: GWR bound volume of director's reports and accounts for the period between 1891 and 1900. 100+pp in clothbound hardback covers. Slight spine wear otherwise OK. £10.00

Lot 73 General Books 2: GWR hardback book "Current (1928) Fares". 284pp, used condition. £5.00

Lot 74 General Books 2: BOUND VOLUME of "Southern on Service" and "Southern Home Guard Newspapers" No. 1 January 1940-No. 29 January 1945. 100+pp in hardback cover with title in gold on front. Fading to covers, contents OK. £10.00

Lot 75 General Books 2: LMS hardback book "Handbook of Statistics years 1913 and 1922 to 1927". Clothbound covers with title and coat of arms on front. 240pp. £10.00

Lot 76 General Books 2: LMS hardback book "Handbook of Statistics 1929 - 30". Clothbound covers with title and coat of arms on front. 312pp. £10.00

Lot 77 General Books 2: LMS hardback book "Handbook of Statistics 1930 - 31". Clothbound covers with title and coat of arms on front. 330pp, amendments added. £10.00

Lot 78 General Books 2: LMS official 7 typescript page booklet "List of Named Locomotives". Dated September 1937. £10.00

Lot 79 General Books 2: Approx 15 LMS depot notices. Variety of subjects, all with backing paper/card. £10.00

Lot 80 General Books 2: LNER "Report on the Problems and Costs of Converting into Motor Roads the Haughley - Laxfield and Wivenhoe - Brightlingsea Branch Railways". Paperback, foolscap sized, 40 typescript pages dated December 1932. Very rusty staples removed, cover faults. £20.00

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