Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

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Lot 701 Luggage Labels: END OF COLLECTION selection of mostly luggage labels. Many companies represented including HR, GER, GWR, M&GN, GNR, LNER, SR, LMS, etc. Duplication. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 702 Luggage Labels: LARGE QUANTITY of luggage labels including some in an album. many pre and post grouping companies. Duplication, heavy in parts. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 703 Luggage Labels: APPROX 300 luggage labels with examples from LSWR, SR, LBSCR, GWR, Midland, NER, GNR, LNWR, LMS, M&GN, GNSR, G&SWR, etc. No apparent duplication. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 704 Luggage Labels: ALBUM containing approx 500 luggage labels including 220 LSWR (with examples on coloured paper), 200 SR, 60 GWR plus various miscellaneous labels. Occasional duplication. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 705 Luggage Labels: SHOEBOX containing many hundreds of mostly GWR and LSWR luggage labels. Very heavy duplication. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 706 Wagon Labels: LYNTON AND BARNSTAPLE RAILWAY wagon label "For Repairs". Unused. Plus four goods abstract forms for items forwarded or received (unused). Also SR tie on label with written title "Key of Tool Box Lew". £10.00

Lot 707 Wagon Labels: Seven pre NCB colliery wagon labels including Bedwas Navigation Coke, Celynen South Collieries Abercard, Evans & Bevan (Neath). No duplication, all unused. (7) £10.00

Lot 708 Wagon Labels: ALBUM containing approx 42 wagon labels. Mostly GER with a few from LNER, L&YR, E&WYUR, NBR, etc. Many used. (42) £14.00

Lot 709 Wagon Labels: APPROX 150 mostly GWR wagon labels. Post grouping issues, several different types. Duplication, mostly unused. (150) £10.00

Lot 710 Stamps: HIGHLAND & DINGWALL AND SKYE RAILWAYS joint parcels label. 4d on salmon coloured paper. Unused, hinge mark on rear. £10.00

Lot 711 Stamps: Five 2d green coloured NEWSPAPER STAMPS from C&WR, Knott End, Northampton & Banbury, LBSCR, West Clare. Plus 4d green from SR and SR&LMS S&D line. Also 2d red coloured example from S&MR. All unused. (8) £10.00

Lot 712 Stamps: SHROPSHIRE & MONTGOMERYSHIRE RAILWAY. Two pairs of prepaid parcel stamps from Llanymynech (5/-) and Shrawardine (4/-). Unused. (4) £5.00

Lot 713 Stamps: K&ESR. Nine prepaid parcel stamps from High Halden Road, Tenterden Town and Frittenden Rd. Values ½d to 10/-, duplication, all unissued. (9) £10.00

Lot 714 Stamps: ENVELOPE with two LNER parcel stamps on front, posted from Donington on Bain station on the last public passenger train from Bardney to Louth on 3rd November 1951. £5.00

Lot 715 Stamps: Block of six LNER poster stamps "Meet the Sun on the East Coast" showing holidaymaker over map of Yorkshire and NE England. Attached to card by stamp hinges. £10.00

Lot 716 Postcards Single: LYNTON & BARNSTAPLE RAILWAY official postcard published by Peacock showing Woody Bay Station (LYN009). Not postally used. £12.00

Lot 717 Postcards Single: GNR early official card by the Picture Postcard Company "Hyde Park Corner" (GN860). Sepia vignette. UB. Not postally used, VGC. £18.00

Lot 718 Postcards Single: HIGHLAND RAILWAY real photo official card "Elgin Cathedral" (HR271). Postally used 1906. £14.00

Lot 719 Postcards Single: NER (possibly official) real photo card "NER Tour. Falling Foss" showing view of waterfall. Postally used 1909. £10.00

Lot 720 Postcards Single: COMMERCIAL CARD showing coloured view of Uppingham and station. No publisher mentioned, postally used 1905. £5.00

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