Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th March 2018

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Lot 501 Small Hardware Items: Hornby 0 gauge, Railway Accessories No 1, A825, trolley, name tag machine, luggage, etc, good though box poor. (6)

Lot 502 Small Hardware Items: A calendar, Johnson, Hatter and Outfitter, Nottingham, 1886, humorous image titled Tug Of War, showing men trying to pull donkey out of the path of oncoming train, card, 20½x15.

Lot 503 Small Hardware Items: A set of Bulleid Pacific cab plates, Cab Spray Pipe, Generator, Reverse Lubricator, cast brass, 4½"x6". (3)

Lot 504 Small Hardware Items: The Book Of British Railway Station Totems, D Brennand and R Furness, 212 pp, Sutton Publishing, 2002, also other railwayana titles. (4)

Lot 505 Small Hardware Items: An armband, N.B.R, FLAG-MAN, enamel, 4"x3". £10.00

Lot 506 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate 1A Willesden (1935 to September 1965). Repainted.

Lot 507 Small Hardware Items: A seal, ABERDOVEY, LMR, from the Cambrian Coast route. Engraved brass and wood, height 3".

Lot 508 Small Hardware Items: A lever collar, FOG LEVER, cast iron, 7"x3", with rear brackets to fit over lever.

Lot 509 Small Hardware Items: An LNWR embossed brass plate from a handlamp, Loco Dept Makers Crewe.

Lot 510 Small Hardware Items: 0 gauge platform furniture, ticket machine, name tag machine, bench, luggage, driver, etc. (9) £10.00

Lot 511 Small Hardware Items: A cashbag plate, BR LADYSBRIDGE, ex Banff branch GNSR. £10.00

Lot 512 Small Hardware Items: An LMS silver plated menu holder by Butler of Sheffield, LMS coat of arms central.

Lot 513 Small Hardware Items: An NER serving spoon, Refreshment Rooms Harrogate. 8½".

Lot 514 Small Hardware Items: An armband, LOOK-OUT, L&NWR, enamel, 4"x3", with strap and buckle.

Lot 515 Small Hardware Items: An LMS ornate silver plated bowl by Walker and Hall, with coat of arms.

Lot 516 Small Hardware Items: A South African Railway tenderplate, 2117, cast brass, 7"x4¼", cast brass, front repainted.

Lot 517 Small Hardware Items: A Vesta tin, Terminus Hotel Brighton, black on yellow label, discoloured.

Lot 518 Small Hardware Items: A medallion, Holborn Viaduct and Blackfriars Bridge Opening, 1869, white metal, 1¼" diameter. £10.00

Lot 519 Small Hardware Items: Hornby 0 gauge, Railway Accessories No 43949, twelve milk cans, boxed.

Lot 520 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate 12A Carlisle Kingmoor (1935 to 1949 and February 1958 to January 1968), also Carlisle Upperby (1950 to February 1958). Repainted.

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