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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th March 2018

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Lot 681 Parcel and Letter Stamps: Three TAFF VALE RAILWAY large sized newspaper parcel labels. Two 1d 1lb and under examples from different time periods (both used and worn, one re-joined on back), 3d 24lbs and under on magenta coloured paper (unused but grubby). (3) £10.00

Lot 682 Wagon Labels: Seventeen SCOTTISH pre-grouping wagon labels with examples from GB&KJR, NBR, G&SWR, CR, HR, etc. All used. (17) £10.00

Lot 683 Postcards: GNR early intermediate size official card "Hatfield House". Blue frame, postally used 1900. Some creasing and wear. £10.00

Lot 684 Postcards: COMMERCIAL CARD "The Last Car for Chepstow Rd Newport, Mon" showing cartoon like coloured view of crowds on the tram. Published by Cynicus Publishing Company, postally used 1907. £5.00

Lot 685 Postcards: G&SWR official card showing coloured views of station hotels at St.Enoch, Ayr and Dumfries plus views of Burns' Cottage and Mausoleum. Postally used 1904. £5.00

Lot 686 Postcards: G&SWR official card showing coloured views of station hotels at St.Enoch, Ayr, Dumfries and Turnberry. Postally used. £5.00

Lot 687 Postcards: LNER official card "North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh" (LNE009) showing colour view of exterior of hotel. Postally used, stamp removed. Plus unused plain postcard from the same hotel with LNER coat of arms top l/h corner. (2) £5.00

Lot 688 Postcards: Four CALEDONIAN RAILWAY official cards with coloured, tartan design border "Loch Fad, Rothesay" (CR303), "Entrance to Station, Strathyre" (CR296), "Ochtertyre, Crieff" (CR299), "Trossachs, River Achray and Ben Venue" (CR291). Used and unused. (4) £20.00

Lot 689 Postcards: COMMERCIAL CARD showing coloured view of Camborne & Redruth Tramways "Tramming the Stone, East Pool Mine, near Redruth". Postally used, no stamp. £14.00

Lot 690 Postcards: Nine COMMERCIAL CARDS showing colour and B&W views of stations at Birmingham New Street, Holyhead, Bexhill, Hastings, LBSCR Victoria, Southampton Dock, Midland station Bath, Sowerby Bridge, Shrewsbury. Used and unused. (9) £24.00

Lot 691 Postcards: Four COMMERCIAL CARDS showing real photo views of GWR station at Newport (Mon). Two different platform views, station approach and booking office. Not postally used but annotated on rear. (4) £20.00

Lot 692 Postcards: NSR official "North Stafford Hotel, Stoke on Trent" (NS160) showing brown coloured vignette half view of outside of hotel. Postally used, stamp removed. £10.00

Lot 693 Postcards: Two SECR official Boulogne cross channel series cards "The Floating Dock" (SE106) and "Vue Generales" (SE105F). Both postally used 1905. (2) £14.00

Lot 694 Postcards: GER official correspondence card "The Pier Walton on Naze, Great Eastern Railway" (GE173-1). Postally used 1905. £10.00

Lot 695 Postcards: Three METROPOLITAN DISTRICT RAILWAY real photo cards showing tube stock exterior view and two different interior views (MD005, 006, 007). Not postally used. (3) £18.00

Lot 696 Postcards: Three CALEDONIAN RAILWAY STEAMERS official postcards "Brodick Bay" (CR566), "Arranton Bridge, Lamlash" (CR581), "Rothesay Looking West" (CR582). Postally used. (3) £18.00

Lot 697 Postcards: CALLANDER & OBAN RAILWAY official card "Ballachulish Hotel" (CR601). B&W view with red overprint. Not postally used. £10.00

Lot 698 Postcards: CALLANDER & OBAN RAILWAY official card "The Falls of Dochart, Killin" (CR612) showing sepia coloured view of falls. Perforated l/h edge. Not postally used. £14.00

Lot 699 Postcards: GCR official card "Welbeck Abbey - Print Corridor" (GC2560) showing sepia real photo view. Postally used 1906. £10.00

Lot 700 Postcards: G&SWR official poster card "To See the Land o' Burns - travel by Midland & G&SWRys. The only direct route" (GSW071 ). Postally used 1914. £55.00

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