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Sale 246P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

SRA Postal Auction: Books

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Lot 1 POTTER GWJ: "A History of the Whitby & Pickering Railway 1836 - 1906". Blue paperback covers, 81pp plus plates, published by LPC in 1906. Spine wear, covers a little faded. £10

Lot 2 FAIRLIE R.F: "The Battle of The Gauges Renewed". Hardback, 147pp published by Effingham Wilson in 1872. £10

Lot 3 LEWIN H.G "The British Railway System". Hardback, 67pp plus diagrams, published by Bell & Son in 1914. £10

Lot 4 WIENER L: "Articulated Locomotives". Hardback, 628pp published by Constable in 1930. Covers a little bumped. £10

Lot 5 FRANCIS J "A History of The English Railway" volumes 1 and 2 bound into one hardback volume. 500+pp, published by Longman in 1851. Covers restored, end pages replaced. £10

Lot 6 FRED TURTON "The History of the Solent Tunnel Scheme and Railways Associated with it". Thick card covers, 59pp 2nd edition published by Stanley Wroath in 1946. £10

Lot 7 HARDBACK BOOK "The Steam Engine - It's History and Mechanism" by Robert Scott Burn. 189pp published by Ingram & Co in 1854. Slight wear. £10

Lot 8 WARREN J.G.H: "A Century of Locomotive Building by Robert Stephenson & Co 1823-1923". Hardback, 461pp published by Robert Reid & Co 1923. Repairs to front end pages, cover bumped. £10

Lot 9 DENDY MARSHALL CF "A History of British Railways Down to the Year 1830". Hardback, no dust jacket, 246pp published by OUP in 1938. £10

Lot 10 DENDY MARSHALL CF "Centenary History of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway". Hardback with title in gold on front, 192pp published by LPC in 1930. £10

Lot 11 CLEVELAND-STEVENS E "English Railways-Their Development and their Relation to the State". Hardback, 332pp plus fold out map, published by Routledge & Sons in 1915. £10

Lot 12 STUMPF J. "The Una - Flow Steam Engine". Hardback, 229pp plus fold out diagrams, published by Constable & Company in 1912. £10

Lot 13 MACLEAN JS: "The Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway". Hardback, clothbound covers with title and illustration on front cover in gold. 142pp published by R Robinson & Co. circa 1906. £10

Lot 14 AHRONS E.L "The Development of British Locomotive Design". Card covers, 233pp plus fold out diagrams, published by LPC in 1914. £10

Lot 15 HARDBACK BOOK "The History of Bradshaw" by G Royde Smith, 76pp published by Blacklock & Co. in 1939. £5

Lot 16 VINCENT W. "Seen from the Railway Platform - 50 Years' Reminiscences". Hardback, 207pp published by Fisher Unwin in 1919. Minor wear to covers. £5

Lot 17 KILLINGWORTH HEDGES "American Electric Street Railways - their construction and equipment". Clothbound hardback covers with title and artwork in gold on front, 205pp, published by Spon in 1894. Bindings loose. £10

Lot 18 WILLIAMS F "Our Iron Roads". Hardback, 520pp, 4th edition, published by Bemrose & Sons in 1883. Cover and spine wear. £5

Lot 19 STRETTON C.E: "The Development of the Locomotive - a popular history". Hardback, 252pp published by Crosby, Lockwood & Son in 1896. Slight wear. £5

Lot 20 MACDERMOT ET "The History of the Great Western Railway". Three volume set published by the GWR 1927 - 1931. No dust jackets. (3) £5

Lot 21 STRETTON C.E: "The History of The Midland Railway". Hardback, 358pp published by Methven in 1901. Foxing to end pages. Plus Roundhouse published "North of Leeds" by P.Baughan (1966). (2) £10

Lot 22 LPC published Locomotive Magazine Souvenir of Some Locomotives Built by the Yorkshire Engine Company. 32pp No. 27 circa 1910's. Covers worn on edges. £10

Lot 23 LPC published Locomotive Magazine Souvenir of Barclay Locomotives. 32pp No. 28 circa 1910s. Covers worn, especially edges. £10

Lot 24 LPC published Locomotive Magazine Souvenir of the First Railway in London - London & Greenwich Railway. 48pp No. 21 dated 1912. £10

Lot 25 THE RAILWAY & COMMERCIAL GAZETTEER 19th edition dated 1938. Hardback, clothbound covers, 724pp, good condition. £10

Lot 26 COMBINED VOLUME of the Irish Railway Record Society journals Nos.1 - 5 dated June 1947 to July 1949. 153pp in paperback covers. £10

Lot 27 BAEDEKER'S guide book "London and its Environs". Red clothbound covers, 451pp plus 58pp map section. Published 1911. £5

Lot 28 HEARSE GS "The Tramways of Northumberland". Clothbound hardback covers, 104pp, published by the author in 1961. £5

Lot 29 DUNCAN'S "Manual of Tramways, Omnibuses & Electric Railways". Green clothbound hardback covers, 602pp dated 1904. £10

Lot 30 WILLIAM HELLEN McLIN "The Twenty Four Inch Gauge Railroad at Bridgton, Maine". Hardback, 36pp published by Bridgton News in 1941. £10

Lot 31 GERMAN publication "Vom Rollenden Flugelrad". Clothbound hardback covers with nice artwork design, 784pp covering aspects of railway operation and infrastructure, published in Germany in 1894. £10

Lot 32 EASTERN BENGAL RAILWAY handbook "From the Hooghly to the Himalayas". Blue hardback covers with title and coat of arms in gold on front, 73pp plus fold out map, dated 1913. Covers bumped. £10

Lot 33 HARDBACK BOOK "The Ceylon Government Railway - descriptive and illustrated guide" by Henry W Cave. 240pp plus fold out map, published by Cassell in 1910. Wear to edges of covers. £10

Total number of Lots in Books: 33.

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