Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 246P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

SRA Postal Auction: Small Hardware Items

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Lot 501 An LBSCR shield shaped signal instrument plate, FROM NEW CROSS SOUTH, enamel on steel on cast brass mount, 2¾"x4", crazing and corner chips.

Lot 502 A set of three LMS restaurant car notices re Tea Boiler and throwing items out of the windows. (3)

Lot 503 A pair of framed architects drawings, GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY, CITY TERMINUS, (Liverpool Street) 1873, each framed, overall 34"x25". (2)

Lot 504 Great Central Railway forks, two for dining cars. (3)

Lot 505 A LMS plate from a Rail Motor Car, 1-5, Euston-Willesden, Watford-B St, Addison Rd-Earls Ct, Acton-Kew Bridge, Richmond-Croxley. Embossed zinc, ex H. C. Casseley collection.

Lot 506 A Finnish Railway coach data plate, cast brass, 8¼"x4", front repainted.

Lot 507 A pair of GWR silver-plated sugar tongs by Walker and Hall.

Lot 508 A Great Central Railway collar badge, as used at Immingham, nickel, 2".

Lot 509 An ivorine plate, ABERMULE, from a Cambrian line token instrument, 3¼"x1¼".

Lot 510 A LNWR framed carriage notice re throwing items out, 12"x7½".

Lot 511 A Somerset and Dorset line key token carrier for automatic exchange apparatus. White leather/steel.

Lot 512 A Sykes SR brass cased track repeater.

Lot 513 A signal box plunger ring, UP SOUTH LONDON, enamel, 3" diameter.

Lot 514 A GWR lever plate, 1, Main Detonators, Off/On, engraved brass.

Lot 515 A Highland Railway coat of arms mounted on a shield shaped wooden board, overall 12"x15". £45

Lot 516 An advertising sign, P&O one class service to Australia via The Cape. Framed enamel, 28½"x9" overall, significant restoration.

Lot 517 A North Western Railway (India) spoon with enamel coat of arms, length 4".

Lot 518 A Port of London Authority First World War service badge, enamel on brass, 1" diameter.

Lot 519 A Sykes SR brass cased signal light repeater.

Lot 520 A wagon plate, Llay Main Colliery, screen printed, 6½"x3½".

Lot 521 A small Kesick butter dish, 3" diameter, base marked LNER 1939.

Lot 522 A LM&SR, LOOK OUT, armband, edge chips and buckle to the left.

Lot 523 A LMS plate from Rail Motor Car, Bell Codes, between driver and guard. Enamel, 5½" square, ex HC Casserley collection.

Lot 524 A worksplate, NEILSON REID, 6085, 1901, ex South African Railway. Cast brass, 9"x6½", lightly cleaned though many service knocks.

Lot 525 A GWR framed notice re obtaining tickets for Rail Motor Cars, 1931, 10½"x15¼".

Lot 526 A Caledonian Railway coat of arms, mounted on blue painted steel panel. 22"x17¾".

Lot 527 A LNER Marine Department Wedgwood coffee cup and saucer, base marked.

Lot 528 A North Eastern Railway brass shunters horn, reed requires attention, length 8¼". £45

Lot 529 A brass indicator, WORKING LEVEL OF WATER, length 15½". ex H.C. Casserley collection. believed to be from a Midland Railway tender.

Lot 530 A worksplate, LMS BUILT DERBY, ex 40682, cast brass 10¼"x6". Front repainted.

Lot 531 A signal box plunger ring, SYDENHAM, engraved brass, 3" diameter.

Lot 532 A LMS cashbag, brass plate, LMS Brandon & Wolston. COA Dept.

Lot 533 A Highland Railway, Station Hotel Inverness, silver plated tureen lid with handle, 10¾"x8".

Lot 534 A GWR WWII Railway Service badge with white enamel background.

Lot 535 A BR(S) notice BTC Conditions on which tickets are issued, enamel, 6"x4".

Lot 536 A Southern Railway class designation plate, CLASS S15. Cast brass, 3½"x1½", Eastleigh Triangle on back, front repainted.

Lot 537 An armband, N.B.R. Look Out, enamel, 4"x3".

Lot 538 A pair of LMS Hotels sugar tongs by Mappin and Webb, length 4¼".

Lot 539 An enamel sign, ORIENT LINE, 26½"x5", chips and blemishes.

Lot 540 A Great Central Railway Marine Captain's cap badge, 2¾"x2", gilt wire and felt, final issue before grouping.

Lot 541 A pair of Pullman Car egg cups by Walker and Hall, coat of arms on top.

Lot 542 A signal box plunger, brass ring, BARKING WEST, ex LTSR route.

Lot 543 An advertising sign, P&O Steam Navigation Co. Passenger Agency. Framed enamel, 27"x7", chips and crazing.

Lot 544 A pair of Pullman Car sugar tongs by Gladwins, length 3½".

Lot 545 A cash bag plate, GWR, SLOUGH, brass on leather boss.

Lot 546 A GNR silver plated salt spoon, GNR, DC on handle, length 3".

Lot 547 A Midland Railway fire bucket notice, enamel, corner chips, loss of shine.

Lot 548 A South African Railway locomotive numberplate, E348, from a SE class electric. Cast brass, 20¾"x14¼", original condition. £175

Lot 549 A shed plate, 40A, Lincoln. The front repainted.

Lot 550 A GER, LOOK OUT, armband, edge chips, leather strap to the left.

Lot 551 A signal box plunger ring, CHEAM FAST, engraved brass, 3" diameter.

Lot 552 A carriage window label FAREWELL TO STEAM RAILTOUR, LCGB, 4th August 1968, 33"x6".

Lot 553 A cash bag plate, GWR, COWLEY, brass on leather boss.

Lot 554 A SR block shelf tapper, brass on wood base, 6"x2¾".

Lot 555 An LNER china egg cup by Mintons, height 2¼"

Lot 556 A LNER mustard spoon by Huttons, length 3½".

Lot 557 An LT Ambulance Centre award, The Probyn Shield, 1956. Silver or silver plate with enamelled St Johns badge, on ebonised stand, overall 5½" square.

Lot 558 A signal instrument plate, NEW CROSS SOUTH LOCAL, enamel, 4"x1".

Lot 559 An F Moore painting, Java Railways train at Gemas station. Hand painted over photograph, framed, overall 19½"x14".

Lot 560 A LSWR armband authorising the holder to be on the line, complete with straps.

Total number of Lots in Small Hardware Items: 60.