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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

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Lot 1 Books: POTTER GWJ: "A History of the Whitby & Pickering Railway 1836 - 1906". Blue paperback covers, 81pp plus plates, published by LPC in 1906. Spine wear, covers a little faded. £10

Lot 2 Books: FAIRLIE R.F: "The Battle of The Gauges Renewed". Hardback, 147pp published by Effingham Wilson in 1872. £10

Lot 3 Books: LEWIN H.G "The British Railway System". Hardback, 67pp plus diagrams, published by Bell & Son in 1914. £10

Lot 4 Books: WIENER L: "Articulated Locomotives". Hardback, 628pp published by Constable in 1930. Covers a little bumped. £10

Lot 5 Books: FRANCIS J "A History of The English Railway" volumes 1 and 2 bound into one hardback volume. 500+pp, published by Longman in 1851. Covers restored, end pages replaced. £10

Lot 6 Books: FRED TURTON "The History of the Solent Tunnel Scheme and Railways Associated with it". Thick card covers, 59pp 2nd edition published by Stanley Wroath in 1946. £10

Lot 7 Books: HARDBACK BOOK "The Steam Engine - It's History and Mechanism" by Robert Scott Burn. 189pp published by Ingram & Co in 1854. Slight wear. £10

Lot 8 Books: WARREN J.G.H: "A Century of Locomotive Building by Robert Stephenson & Co 1823-1923". Hardback, 461pp published by Robert Reid & Co 1923. Repairs to front end pages, cover bumped. £10

Lot 9 Books: DENDY MARSHALL CF "A History of British Railways Down to the Year 1830". Hardback, no dust jacket, 246pp published by OUP in 1938. £10

Lot 10 Books: DENDY MARSHALL CF "Centenary History of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway". Hardback with title in gold on front, 192pp published by LPC in 1930. £10

Lot 11 Books: CLEVELAND-STEVENS E "English Railways-Their Development and their Relation to the State". Hardback, 332pp plus fold out map, published by Routledge & Sons in 1915. £10

Lot 12 Books: STUMPF J. "The Una - Flow Steam Engine". Hardback, 229pp plus fold out diagrams, published by Constable & Company in 1912. £10

Lot 13 Books: MACLEAN JS: "The Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway". Hardback, clothbound covers with title and illustration on front cover in gold. 142pp published by R Robinson & Co. circa 1906. £10

Lot 14 Books: AHRONS E.L "The Development of British Locomotive Design". Card covers, 233pp plus fold out diagrams, published by LPC in 1914. £10

Lot 15 Books: HARDBACK BOOK "The History of Bradshaw" by G Royde Smith, 76pp published by Blacklock & Co. in 1939. £5

Lot 16 Books: VINCENT W. "Seen from the Railway Platform - 50 Years' Reminiscences". Hardback, 207pp published by Fisher Unwin in 1919. Minor wear to covers. £5

Lot 17 Books: KILLINGWORTH HEDGES "American Electric Street Railways - their construction and equipment". Clothbound hardback covers with title and artwork in gold on front, 205pp, published by Spon in 1894. Bindings loose. £10

Lot 18 Books: WILLIAMS F "Our Iron Roads". Hardback, 520pp, 4th edition, published by Bemrose & Sons in 1883. Cover and spine wear. £5

Lot 19 Books: STRETTON C.E: "The Development of the Locomotive - a popular history". Hardback, 252pp published by Crosby, Lockwood & Son in 1896. Slight wear. £5

Lot 20 Books: MACDERMOT ET "The History of the Great Western Railway". Three volume set published by the GWR 1927 - 1931. No dust jackets. (3) £5

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