Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

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Lot 661 Badges: SR MARINE DEPT. uniform cap badge "Steward". Blue enamel outer ring with No. 44 in chrome at centre. Oval, 1½" x 1¼". £10

Lot 662 Badges: SR "Raynes Park Bowling Club" pin badge. Brass and enamel, 1¼" diameter showing coat of arms in red, green and white enamel. Good condition. £10

Lot 663 Badges: SR hallmarked silver and enamel "50 Years Service" medal. 1¼" diameter showing company coat of arms and title in enamel. Awarded in 1944. Pitting to enamel. £10

Lot 664 Badges: SR (probably) oval shaped cloth badge "Lineman". 3" x 2½"", black lettering on red background. Good condition. £10

Lot 665 Badges: CORPORATION TRAMWAYS uniform cap badge. Nickel and enamel showing staff number, coat of arms and name in blue enamel scroll above. Possibly Portsmouth. Most of the enamel missing, coat of arms very rubbed. £5

Lot 666 Badges: CITY COACH COMPANY chrome and dark blue enamel uniform cap badge. Oval, 2¾" x 1¼" showing "City" against enamel background. VGC. £10

Lot 667 Paychecks: Ten PAYCHECKS. Various types with examples including DC&SE Stratford, LMS Somers Town, LNER Stratford, Soho DMD, NER, etc. (10) £10

Lot 668 Office and General Equipment: MIDLAND HOTEL MANCHESTER room key and key fob. Fibre type key fob stamped with hotel name and room number. Good condition. £10

Lot 669 Office and General Equipment: NER rubber stamp "NER Stokesley Goods Dept". Turned wooden handle, ex-office condition. £10

Lot 670 Tickets: BRISTOL AND EXETER RAILWAY 2nd class, paper type pass. Issued for use between Taunton and Exeter in 1864. Fragile, weak at folds. £10

Lot 671 Tickets: YORK AND NORTH MIDLAND RAILWAY sheet of five unused paper tickets for a journey from Church Fenton. Printed on blue paper, dated 18xx, counterfoil attached. £10

Lot 672 Tickets: LMS member's ticket for the first class club saloon of the Liverpool and North Wales Travelling Club. Leather covers with title in gold on front. Unissued, dated 1935. £10

Lot 673 Tickets: GWR thin card, 6" x 4" invitation card to admit one person to stand on platform 9 at Paddington station for the funeral train of King George VI on 28th January 1936. Purple coloured print with purple edging and royal coat of arms at top. Plan on rear. £10

Lot 674 Tickets: GWR thin card, 6" x 4" invitation card to admit one person to the uncovered reserved enclosure at Paddington station for the funeral train of King Edward VII on 20th May 1910. Faded purple coloured print and edging with royal coat of arms in maroon at top. Scuffs on edge, paper on rear where removed from album. £10

Lot 675 Tickets: GWR thin card, 6" x 4" invitation card to admit one person to the enclosure on platform 1 at Paddington station for the royal wedding train on 29th November 1934. Blue coloured print with roundel at top. £10

Lot 676 Tickets: G&SWR three part paper ticket for travel to and from Glasgow with entrance to St.Enoch station for the unveiling of the war memorial, February 1922. Unused. £10

Lot 677 Tickets: COSENS & CO STEAMERS LTD "Short Term" season ticket. Red clothbound covers with title in silver on front. Dated 1914. £10

Lot 678 Tickets: Small quantity of tickets, many APTIS types noted. £5

Lot 679 Tickets: End of collection of approx 40 mostly whole Edmondson tickets. Mostly preserved with a few overseas. (Qty) £5

Lot 680 Tickets: QUANTITY of BR tickets including several Edmondson and AA type platform tickets. (Qty) £10

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