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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 16th June 2020

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Lot 701 Posters: SR d/r coloured pictorial poster "Hastings & St.Leonards" showing yellow and black view of Hastings boats and old town from a linocut by Walter Spradbery. Extremely poor condition with many faults and much loss. £10.00

Lot 702 Posters: BR(M) d/r pictorial poster "Do You Know? ...there are many reduced fares by train to the shops and shows" showing view of shops and cinemas in London. Circa 1962. £10.00

Lot 703 Posters: BR d/r coloured pictorial poster "No Sailing Ticket...No Go" re summer sailings between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire showing Studio Seven view of rejected passenger. Circa 1960s. £10.00

Lot 704 Posters: BR(W) d/r coloured pictorial poster "I'd rather stay in Plymouth" showing view of Francis Drake and globe by Lander. Dated 1961. Edge tear at top. £10.00

Lot 705 Posters: BR(W) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Western Region Modernisation - Diesel Railbus Services" with artwork by Wolstenholme showing view of speeding 4 wheeled railbus at top leaving bottom half blank for messages to be written in. Circa late 1950s. £10.00

Lot 706 Posters: BR d/r photographic poster "Inter City to the Commonwealth Games Edinburgh July 1970" showing view of sprinters. Folded, small edge tears. £10.00

Lot 707 Posters: BR SEALINK d/r coloured poster "Now 12 Sealink ways to start your motoring holiday in Europe and Ireland" showing map of routes across the channel and Irish sea. Dated 1970. Folded. £10.00

Lot 708 Posters: BR(E) and Zeeland Steamship Company d/r coloured pictorial poster "The Continent via Harwich" showing artwork by Royston Cooper. Circa 1960s. Creased. £10.00

Lot 709 Posters: BRB d/r coloured pictorial safety poster "An Open Door will Cause Delay - Please Close it" showing DMU and couple on platform. Dated 1977. £10.00

Lot 710 Posters: BR d/r coloured poster "Visiting Ireland this Summer" emphasising the need to have a sailing tickets. Dated 1964. Folded, large edge tear. £10.00

Lot 711 Posters: BR(W) and BEA d/r poster advertising services between Birmingham Snow Hill and London Airport. Yellow, red, blue and black coloured, circa early 1960s. £10.00

Lot 712 Posters: BR(M) d/r coloured pictorial poster "And Now Later Trains on the North London Line" showing line diagram and night owl illustration. Circa late 1960s. Folded and creased. £10.00

Lot 713 Posters: RAILWAY EXECUTIVE d/r poster "Send Your Parcels By Rail - Speedy Transit" with 'winged' parcel illustration in orange and brown by "FN" and with details of charges and terms. Dated 1952. Damp staining at bottom edge. £10.00

Lot 714 Posters: BR(W) d/r pictorial poster "New Diesel Trains - improved suburban services" listing Birmingham area services. Artwork by Wolstenholme showing speeding DMU. Dated 1957. Edge creasing. £10.00

Lot 715 Posters: BR d/r pictorial poster advertising special trains to the Gift Fair at Blackpool in 1964. Prancing horse logo at top with space at bottom to write in time and platform details for the train. Folded. £10.00

Lot 716 Posters: BR(M) d/r photographic poster "The Permanent Way" issued as No.4 in the "Facts and Figures" series showing track and mechanised track laying with artwork by Studio Seven. Circa 1957. £10.00

Lot 717 Posters: BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster issued as No.3 in the "Facts and Figures" series detailing the work of the ships and ferries. Shows Studio Seven view of sailor on bridge. Dated 1957. £10.00

Lot 718 Posters: BR(W) d/r photographic poster "Business Expressions" showing smiling businessman and advertising the Bristol Pullman. Dated 1962. £10.00

Lot 719 Posters: BRB d/r pictorial poster showing the conversion table for fares in the new decimal currency. Illustration of "Decimal Des" at the bottom. Dated 1970. Folded. £10.00

Lot 720 Posters: BR(W) d/r photographic poster advertising the exhibition and photographic display at Paddington to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the station in 1979. Folded. £10.00

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